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A free session for amazing grantees of that covers the basics of social media for social good.

Presentation from April 2010, NYC
(this one is much better than the one below)

Presentation from April 2009, NYC

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NPCC Analytics, Web Strategy

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Nonprofit Coordinating Committee

April 13 (Tuesday) 9:30am-12:00 noon

This was a fun session done with 50 NYC not-for-profits and I don't think anyone fell asleep! I experimented by sending out a pre-survey asking attendees what they wanted to learn about, their experience and most importantly their website goals.

Quote of the survey: What are your site goals? "Oy, you mean I have to have them"

The powerpoint and Google Cheat Sheet is below.

Overview: Google Tools

Google has a wealth of tools that can benefit every not-for-profit. Unfortunately we don't have the time to dig through the volumes of Google services to figure out what makes sense. This session, led by George Weiner from, will focus on a couple of tools, namely Google Analytics, Tools and Maps. In addition, we’ll talk about website optimization: including brand, content, functionality and web applications. The session will be customized to the the first attendees to signup through a pre-session survey.

NYIT Guest Lecture

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New York Institute of Technology Presentation
2/12/10 NY
Online Communication and Website basics

This was a fun class that was working with local businesses and not-for-profits with their social marketing strategies and sites.

NYIT Online Communication

NYU Guest Lecture

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A case study of the Obama Online communication strategy as presented at NYU 2008.
Obama wasn't just asking for your vote, he was asking for your time. Despite legendary web strategy, his campaign still spent less than 15% on online spending.


Google Grants (Adwords)

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Google Grants Conference
8/11/2009 - California

This was a fun conference put on for grantees that receive inkind search ads. I love this program because it drives quality targeted traffic to thousands of not-for-profits. Sign your not-for-profit up for a Google Grant.

Google Adwords Presentation

Mobile Giving - NTEN 2010

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Nonprofit Technology Conference
Atlanta, Georgia

YouTube Video

This presentation was done with I will hopefully get the video from this event soon.

My point was that mobile giving does not make sense for 95% of charities because it is cost prohibitive and most don't have a mobile list large enough to sustain ongoing giving. Start with mobile communication! 

This made for an interesting presentation because people thought we were going to be pitching mobile giving solutions. In addition, many ASPs, the MGF, and Mgive were in the audience - so they had a lot to say.

I hope the presentation encouraged charities to collect mobile numbers, use a free services like  for proof of concept and begin with mobile communication. 

Presentation attached to post at bottom.

Mobile giving and Why you're bad at poker  - My Huffpo article


Session Overview
Session title:
Mobile Fundraising: Case Studies, Strategies & Social Media - [149]

North American’s gave over $37 million to Haiti through Text2Give.  It’s obvious that Text2Give works in the midst of a tragedy, but how can it work for your nonprofit? What are the best practices? What other mobile applications exist, and how can your organization build or benefit from such applications?

This discussion will focus primarily on practical and tactical usage of Text2Give, and other mobile tools available to nonprofits. Attendees will be walked through several case studies, and get an in depth dissection of what has been successful and what hasn’t.


1. Mobile Giving: Text-to-give case studies
2. Other mobile applications, and where to get started
3. How social media and mobile intersect

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